Bee Star labelling

What is Standards?

Prescribe limits on the energy consumption (or minimum levels of the energy efficiency) of manufactured products. “Standards” commonly encompasses two possible meanings: well-defined test protocols to obtain a sufficiently accurate estimate target limits on energy performance

What is Label?

Describes energy performance (in the form of energy use, efficiency or energy cost) “Labels” mainly give consumers the necessary information to make informed purchase. There are two types of labels:

Comparative Label Endorsement Label
Allow consumers to compare the energy consumption of similar products, and factor lifetime running cost into their purchasing decision Provide a ‘certification’ to inform prospective purchasers that the product is highly energy efficient for its category
1.Mandatory Appliances 11.Voluntary Appliances
2.Room Air Conditioners 12. Frost Free Refrigerators
3. Tubular Florescent Lamp 13.Ceiling Fans
4. Distribution Transformer 14.LPG -Stoves
5.Room Air Conditioner (Casettes, Floor Standing) 15. Washing Machine
6. Direct Cool Refrigerator 16. Computer (Notebooks/Laptops)
7. Color TV 17. Ballast (Electronic/ Magnetic)
8.Electric Geysers 18. Office equipment's (Printer, Copier, Scanner, MFD's)
9. Variable Capacity Inverter Air conditioners 19. Diesel Engine Driven Mono-set Pumps
10. LED Lamps 20. Solid State Inverter
   21. DG Sets
   22. Chillers
   23. Microwave Oven