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BIS Registration

1. How to get BIS Registration?

The BIS Registration is granted by BIS office after successful safety testing of the product as per notified Indian Standard and furnishing of necessary documents. CSPL is an experienced service provider for BIS Registration for Indian as well as foreign manufacturers, who are willing to sell their electronic products in India. We assist manufacturers in completing all the formalities related to BIS registration.

2. What are the Mandatory Product List required for BIS Certification?

Below is the List of 49 products category that are identified by MEITY (44 products) and MNRE (5 products) which requires BIS Registration Certificate and is applicable to all Indian as well as Foreign Manufacturers:-

3. What are the Required Documents for BIS Certification?

Required Document List for BIS Registration is divided into following steps: Firstly, you need to provide sample(s) along with the Technical Information of Product for lab test. It’s all about construction / structural details of the product like:-
A. PCB Layout
B. Schematic Diagram
C. User Manual
D. Critical Component List (CCL)
Secondly, you need to provide the Factory Documents & Information to complete the BIS Application Form & Process. It’s all about basic information about the manufacturing unit like:-
E. Legal Address Proof of Factory (Manufacturing License Copy)
F. Trade Mark Registration Copy (Brand Name Registration)
G. ISO Certificate Copy
H. Documents of Authorized Indian Representative (AIR), in case of foreign manufacturer

4. What is the Costing and Timeline for Electronics and IT Products?


For a customized and attractive quotation, please contact us with your product details at +91-9210000032
For First lead model: 20-30 working days For Subsequent lead model (Inclusion): 15-20 working days

Business License of the applicant (manufacturer) is required to get BIS Registration.  Below are the features carried out by Business License:
* Business License should be issued by Government Authority
* Manufacturing / Production word must be mentioned in Business Scope
* Exact English Translation (in same format) must be presented along with copy of original License (if it is issued in other Language)
* Both copy (English + Original) must be sealed & signed by the applicant

Business License without business scope as manufacturing or production will not be accepted. If Business scope is not mentioned in Business License then ISO Certificate or any other Government Certificate (Like Tax Registration etc) of same factory which carries the business scope as manufacturer can be produced along with copy of Business License for the support of Factory Proof. This supportive certificate also must be presented with English Translated version with sign & seal by applicant.

BIS Logo must be put on every registered product & packaging after getting the BIS Registration Number of that particular product (model). The logo should be non-washable and non-removable. It is better to put it either by embossing or printing. The logo must be visible clearly and preferred to be fixed on marking label or nearby.   Please remember, no scheduled product can be sold or can be exported to India without BIS Logo & BIS Registration Number fixed on it.   BIS Logo is the combination of following:
* IS Standard Number
* Icon
* Registration Number
* URL of BIS Website (

The Marking Label must be clear on every product which cannot be removed, cannot be  scratched and cannot be washed off by normal efforts. It is advised to emboss or print marking label on the product. Printed metal plate of the marking label well fixed on product can also be a good option.   The Product Marking Label must mention the following information :
* Name of Product (Category)
* Model Number
* Brand Name
* Power Rating (Input / Output)
* Name of Manufacturer
* Made in Country Name (Like Made In India, Made In China etc.)
  Other information on marking label is optional and can be mentioned as per products’ individual requirements.

BIS Registration is valid for 2 years which can be renewed subsequently. Few documents and fees will be needed to get renewal. Testing of sample is not required for it.

If you are manufacturing or importing the product which are defined in Mandatory BIS Registration List and your product meets at least one of the following criteria –  
a.  Equipment Powered by Three phase power supply, OR
b.  Equipment Powered by Single phase power supply with current rating exceeding 16 Ampere, OR
c.  Equipment with dimensions exceeding 1.5 m x 0.8 m, OR
d.  Equipment with weight exceeding 80 Kg.

Below is the Frequency List for which WPC (ETA) Approval is mandatory in India:

Technical characteristics of inductive applications using the following frequency bands: